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Past Electorate Speaks

"I met the Sherriff approximately 35 years ago when he answered a call at my home. He not only helped me retrieve my truck, he convinced me that vengeance was not mine. We have been friends every since."

-Joe Sellars

"Sheriff Brown has total community policing experience; commencing with the CPD, working in virtually every division within the Sheriff's Department, including Sheriff. Yes, this Sheriff knows the job firsthand. I am especially proud because his principled leadership has been recognized at home and abroad. He has put Newton County on the law enforcement map!"

-Kenneth Hardeman

"It is election year in America. Nationally, we vote for political parties; but, locally, we vote for persons. I intend to vote to re-elect Sheriff Ezell Brown as Newton County Sheriff. I plan to give him an opportunity to continue the capable leadership and administration of our Sheriff's Department. He is experienced, known, and respected for his service to our community. "lf it ain't broke, don't fix it." If we are pleased with our present leadership, why risk a change?"

-Pierce Cline, 2012

"I have been a resident of Newton County for 35-40 years; serving as Chairman of the Board for Newton Medical Center for the past 29. I know how to grow an organization; and, Sheriff Brown has proven that he knows how to do the same. He has my full support because he is dedicated and committed to this county. He has been a great Sheriff and business person."

-D.L. "Pete" Knox

"Over the past few weeks, I have come to realize that this office goes beyond partisan politics. We need someone with proven leadership and a solid foundation. We cannot afford to turn this office over to someone who has never worked in this department; and would have to depend solely on "on-the-job training" or the advice from others."

-Bill Watterson

"Sheriff Brown cares about our children and doesn’t mind showing it. He is the only man for the job!"

-T.K. Adams, Sr.

"Sheriff Ezell Brown is well-respected throughout the law enforcement community. His leadership reaches far beyond the county lines. When he speaks, 158 other Sheriffs listen. When we need someone to represent the Georgia Sheriffs Association, he's one of the first persons we call."

-DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown

"I support Sheriff Brown because he has exhibited the intuitive wisdom that defines who we are. His leadership has set the tone for our community as we welcome new industry. I have lived here all my life; and appreciate having a Sheriff who is committed to substance abuse prevention; is supported by local businesses and civic organizations; and, promotes offender responsibility. Sheriff Brown knows how to hold this community together."

-Rob Fowler

"A man of character, experience, honesty, with the ability to bring together our citizens and to move Newton County forward."

-Doug Vason

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Find out how the Sheriff made his way from street patrol to the highest law enforcement office in Newton County.
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  Take few moments to learn about initiatives started under Sheriff Brown's administration.
  • CHAMPS - 5th graders
  • Project Lifesaver
  • K-9 Unit Tracking Dogs
  • Crime Suppression Unit
  • Revitalized Community Watch
  • NCO Warrant Division