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On the night of November 4, 2008, the Newton County citizens elected Ezell Brown as their Sheriff for the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. On that historic evening, Brown responded to the citizens by saying, "I feel great. I feel like the citizens did the right thing. We made a lot of promises to the citizens of Newton County and I plan on making them come true."

Sheriff Brown took office in January 2009. In less than 8 months, he moved forward quickly to implement several programs to improve the functions of the Sheriff’s Office and improve the quality of  life in Newton County.

Sheriff Brown’s accomplishments include:

  • Revitalized the Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Implemented a Crime Watch Program (Goal is to have every community participating)
  • Created an Internal Affairs Division
  • Created an Office of Professional Standards Division (Policies and Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Created a Community Outreach Liaison
  • Initiated the C.H.A.M.P.S Program (Choosing Healthy Activities and Methods while Promoting Safety) C.H.A.M.P.S is a sequel to DARE
  • Created a Drug Suppression Unit (focus on criminal acts)
  • Created a Fleet Watch Program (business involvement in fighting crime, observation) 2010 
  • Created a Crime Suppression Unit
  • Expanded the Crime Scene Investigation Unit (focus on crime trends within the county)
  • Implemented 12 Hours Shifts (increase the number of deputies on the road)
  • Created a Fatherhood Program
  • Awarded Grant funds of over $1,901,758
  • Purchased an additional K-9 dog (human tracking)
  • Purchased an additional motorcycle for the traffic unit
  • Developed Crime Analysis tracking (tracking of crime trends)
  • Improved the Sheriff’s Office web-site (user friendly, sex offender tracking, inmate information Crime trends)
  • Cross trained Deputies as Public Information Officers (keeping the public informed)

Sheriff Brown has accomplished this by using his employees’ individual talents and experiences without having to increase his personnel. Having to do more with less, the Newton County Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide the best quality service for its citizens.

Sheriff Brown has embraced his role and commitment to his community and has made tremendous progress.  He has done much to lay the foundation for “improving the quality of life in our community” and has done so in a short period of time.

Sheriff Brown will continue to uphold the mission of the Sheriff’s Office and implement practices, procedures and programs that reflect our ever changing community. We now live in a multi-cultural diversified community which requires planning, training and additional resources to meet this challenge.

Getting to Know...Ezell Brown, the Officer
  Getting to Know...Ezell Brown, The Professional
  • Began law enforcement career, Covington Police Department in 1973 (Patrolman - Street Patrol/Community Relations)

  • Joined the Newton County Sheriff's Office in 1978
    (Deputy Sheriff - Street Patrol/Jail Operations)

  • Joined Covington/Newton SWAT team 1978
    (Evening Watch Supervisor - Supervised Street Patrol & Jail Staff/In Charge of Communications Command Center)

  • Promoted to Sergeant in 1979
    (Evening Watch Supervisor - Supervised Street Patrol & Jail Staff/In Charge of Communications Command Center)

  • Promoted to Lieutenant in 1982

  • Joined Criminal Investigations Division - 1985
    (Investigated Crimes Against Persons and Property, Major Criminal Activities, including Homicide, Robberies, Rapes, Child Abuse, etc./Interviews, Interrogations, Crime Scene Investigations, etc.)

  • Became a Certified Arsons Investigator - 1991
    (Worked with Local and State Agencies to Resolve Suspicious Fires, etc.)

  • Assigned to Sex Offender Unit - 2005

  • Captain - 2008

  • Assigned to Sex Offender Unit
    (Responsible for Managing and Monitoring Sex Offender Activity in Newton County/Maintenance of County Sex Offender Registry/Assurance that State and Federal Mandates are Followed/Credited with Creating Georgia’s First Sex Offender Residential/raveled Throughout Georgia Representing the Newton County Sheriff Office on the “Sex Offender Roundtable”/Community Outreach/Responsible for Managing Citizen Complaints/Testified, on behalf of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, in Federal, State, and Local Courts Regarding Impact of Sex Offender Laws and Cases)
Professional Organizational Memberships
  • National Sheriff's Association
  • Georgia Chapter of Arson Investigators
  • International Chapter of Arson Investigators
  • National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives
  • GA Sheriff's Association
  • Executive Board member DeKalb Technical College
  • Executive Board member Salvation Army - Covington Chapter
  • Board member GA Sheriff's Standards and Training Committeee
Professional Development and Training
  • Basic & Advanced SWAT Officer Training
  • Homicide Investigations
  • Child Abuse & Neglect
  • Sex Crimes
  • Arsons Investigations (Over 500 Basic and Adv. Training Hours)
  • Sex Offender Registry & Tracking Unit
  • Interviewing and Interrogations
  • Drugs
  • The GA Law Enforcement Professional Management Program - GA Association of Chiefs of Police and Columbia State University (400 Hours of Study)-(2004-2007)
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS)-Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security-(Designed for Upper Management & First Line Supervisors) (2007)
  • GA International Law Enforcement Exchange Program (19th del.) - 2011
Professional Certifications
  • Post-Certified Basic Police Officer (1973)
  • Post-Certified Arson Investigator (1991)
  • Fire Investigator-Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council (2006)
  • Certificate of Completion - Sheriff's Elect School

Photo Gallery
Find out how the Sheriff made his way from street patrol to the highest law enforcement office in Newton County.
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of every citizen:
  Take few moments to learn about initiatives started under Sheriff Brown's administration.
  • CHAMPS - 5th graders
  • Project Lifesaver
  • K-9 Unit Tracking Dogs
  • Crime Suppression Unit
  • Revitalized Community Watch
  • NCO Warrant Division